Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wildfire: Fort McMurray, Alberta, evacuated

It is the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta's history; many people's homes and businesses have been destroyed yet, thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. Donations for those affected by the fire can be made through the Canadian Red Cross.

Here in Calgary there is no evidence of the devastation happening 656 kilometers (408 miles) to the NNE: we have sunny skies and the air quality is good. Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi has said that Calgary is also prepared to send resources for the Fort McMurray wildfire. People wanting to take advantage of the warm weather here should first check what fire bans are in place. The wildfire season has started early and there is no telling what might be in store for us this summer.

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  1. Well done! This blog gives the important information about where to send meaningful donations. In fact the province will match the donations made to the Red Cross.

  2. Thanks, Tannis! It's also good to hear that Alberta will be matching the donations.

  3. Hi John:
    So far we've heard of no fatalities and let's hope that remains so. Stay safe.

    John H

  4. Yes, with a fire of such immensity, no one takes any risks. Currently, the fire is too hot for fire fighters to fly above it. Calgary's problems in the wildfire season are pretty well restricted to smoke from fires in the mountains as, apart from the river valleys, we are surrounded by prairie.