Friday, 24 March 2017

New page(s)

Instead of cluttering up the left sidebar with book announcements, and as the list of titles is growing, I have now added a "books by John Hooker" page to the blog header. Each linked title will allow you to preview, buy the eBook and share the preview (with a very short link).

Later, I will add other pages of books by other authors that I feel are important to many of the subjects I deal with in my blogs. early Celtic art and Jungian Psychology being high on the list. Previews will also be added if they are available and I might add some short reviews.

John's Coydog Community page

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Published - Dean Crawford: Living among the Dobunni

Here is the preview and link for the Kindle e-book which can be read with the free Kindle app for tablets, phones or PC's:

This is an expanded and rearranged version of my blog posts with additional images and details of some amazing finds, some of which are extremely rare.

John's Coydog Community page