Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Now in 3D!

British boss fragment in repouss├ę bronze. Early 2nd century B.C. In current coll.
This fragment is only 3.1 cm wide and is paper-thin. That it survived in the earth for over two thousand years even in this fragmentary state is quite remarkable. A two dimensional photograph does little justice to the skill of the smith who made this piece.

To see the image in 3D, look at the picture and the go slightly cross-eyed until you see two pictures. Next, adjust your sight so that the double images start to move toward each other. You need to align the right side of the left image with the left side of the right image to produce a 3d view in the centre. You might need to change the angle of your head to align them properly. It is easiest to align a small detail. Once you have the 3D image, you can inspect any part of it and your eyes will adjust automatically as if it is a real image you are looking at. Click on the picture for an enlarged version.