Monday, 19 October 2015

Dean Crawford — Living among the Dobunni: Dobunni gold

Today's post will showcase some Dobunni gold discovered and recorded by Dean Crawford. It is here where the main value of Dean's work can be seen. After twenty five years of complete neglect by archaeologists of the sites he recorded, it is unlikely that future archaeologists will behave in any different manner. Even were they to do so we must wonder what will have survived at all by that time. However, Dean's work has been of great value to my own research (much of it recorded on this blog) and to Celtic numismatists and independent researchers in general. I am breaking with my normal formatting for legibility purposes. The following coins are ordered by their Van Arsdell number.

VA 1010-3 (quarter stater) The numbers link to the record where the photograph resides. All photos are by Dean Crawford unless otherwise stated.
click any image for possible enlargements.

1. See my Celtic Coin Index Online for the 32 examples of this type which include a number of die varieties. This one has some damage to the top half of the reverse.





VA 1035 (Corio stater)

photo: PAS

VA 1035-1 (Corio stater)
photo: PAS

VA 1105-1 (Eisu stater)

photo: public domain

VA 1105-1 (Eisu stater)

photo: public domain

Cut fragment of Roman aureus of Postumus

 10. This cut aureus fragment came from a site where Dobunni coins are also found. For a possible explanation of this, see my series on the Frome hoard, especially this post.

Tomorrow, A few notable non-Celtic recorded finds by Dean Crawford.

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