Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Dean Crawford — Living among the Dobunni: some non-Dobunni finds

Continuing in the theme of yesterday's post, here are just a few of the many finds Dean has recorded at the  UK Detector Finds Database (all photos by Dean Crawford):

1.  "A cut halfpenny of Harold II. Minted at Droitwich, Worcestershire. This is the second known specimen of the Droitwich moneyer Hethewulf, which is from the same dies as the other known specimen which resides in the British Museum.(1066)"

2.  "Henry I (1100-1135). BMC type XII penny, minted at Hastings.
The Hastings moneyer Wulnoth has previously been recorded from only one coin, a type X penny in the Beauvais hoard."

3.  "Richard I or John short cross penny of Rhuddlan. (The coins of this mint were struck from local dies and do not conform to the classes of the main short cross series.)"

4.  "Henry V penny of London. An extremely rare type struck from a modified earlier die. The die originally had an annulet to the left, and a pellet to the right of the crown. The latter mark has been overpunched on the die with a mullet."

5.  "Elizabeth I (1558 - 1603) gold half pound (10 shillings). Initial mark: cross crosslet (1560-1)."

We will be back to the main topics in this series tomorrow.

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