Wednesday, 22 October 2014


A neighbour and her daughter were called away for a few days on a sudden family matter, and she asked me if I could take care of her cat and her parrot and collect the mail, etc. I had done the same a couple of years ago. This involved me stopping by twice a day to feed and water them; to play with the cat a bit and to try to achieve some sort of détente with the parrot.

The other day, I was attending to the parrot when the following events took place over about two seconds:
  1. The phone rang.
  2. I wondered why there was a phone in the parrot's room.
  3. I could not see a phone.
  4. I realized that the sound was coming from the parrot.
Score one for the parrot.


  1. The parrot is in cahoots with the cat!

  2. LOL

    As luck would have it, Bob, the women came back a day early, so if another dastardly plan was in the works they were unable to achieve it. The mother laughed when I told her about the incident, but has promised that my next two haircuts are on the house (she has a barber-shop).