Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Heavy snowfall

It has been snowing for three days but last night's snowfall was the heaviest so far. As I left to walk the dog this morning, the first thing I saw was my next-door neighbour's car covered in collapsed lilac bushes (right).

Although I have been in Calgary since 1966, I do not remember any Fall snowfall as heavy as this one. One September, I had to harvest about seventy pounds of tomatoes during a blizzard but it was short lived and I don't recall any damage to trees. This one must have taken quite the toll on Calgary trees. I saw the branch in the foreground of the next photo fall just before I took the shot.

Every twenty minutes or so the power goes out and I have to restart my computer. After the first time, I stopped resetting my digital clock. It must be caused by tree branches hitting power lines. I have not seen any entire trees that have snapped, just branches, but some of them have been heavy enough to make me glad I was not walking under the tree at the time. I suspect Calgary body-shops are going to be busy for a while.

Here are a few more shots I took this morning (click to enlarge all photos):


  1. looks beautiful john but im glad im in london,were having an indian summer over hear.all the best.

  2. Hi Kyri, The snow is supposed to end this evening and the temperatures should reach 70 F by the weekend and stay that way for a while. -- A sneak preview of winter!

  3. Snow in September?! Please don't send it over here, it's too early, the country would grind to a halt for weeks.

  4. Hi Trefor, I was without electricity for about two hours, not bad considering all of the city quadrants were reporting downed power lines. More than 30,000 people were without power for a while. It might take a couple of days to clean up all of the tree limbs.