Thursday, 11 September 2014

Calgary snowstorm ― aftermath

The sun is out and although it is currently colder than it was yesterday, warmer temperatures will start today. With all the branches that had broken off the larger trees, I saw no conifers among their numbers. The large old spruce trees in my backyard do not even have a few broken twigs below them.


Neither my neighbour's car nor the lilac bushes were
harmed by the snowstorm
When the first snowstorm usually arrives, the leaves of the large deciduous trees have already changed colour and have started to fall but as they were still mostly green this year, they resisted the weight of the snow until the weight was too much for the branches that supported them. The old spruces are used to heavy snow and they all seem to be unaffected and the lilac branches were still pliant enough to spring back as if nothing had happened. The heavy spring snowstorms have never caused so much damage as any early leaves are still too small to collect much snow.

Here's a news report and video about the storm and a nice collection of photos.


  1. Better you than I John.... While I hate the heat here in Texas with a passion I do not miss snow. Spent too many years digging out of it.

  2. Hi Dick, right now, nature is taking care of everything and the roads are bare and dry -- but it's only a matter of time before the shovels come out...