Wednesday, 2 July 2014

First Nations at Prince's Island, Calgary

Blackfoot Confederacy Dancer 

I really must get a video camera one of these days. Yesterday's Canada Day celebrations featured a First Nation's Powwow at Prince's Island Park in downtown Calgary. There was singing, drumming and dancing, but as still shots convey nothing of the former two, I decided to concentrate on the dancing. Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

A band playing on the mall

Downtown was crowded as I made my way to Prince's Island. There were vendors and a band on Stephen's Avenue Mall, and a line of food trucks near Eau Claire Market and it was shoulder to shoulder people walking across one of the bridges to the island.

Food trucks near Eau Claire Market

When I returned to the food trucks later, the line ups were too long so I had a sit-down lunch in the market, instead.

Information tipi

At the Powwow, information tipis were dotted here and there among the trees. The one on the left was about native languages.

Vendors were also present, of course, selling native crafts and jewelry.

Of all of the dances, it is the Prairie Chicken Dance, that featured most in the dance competitions. Some dances were not to be seen. The Sun Dance is never performed for the public and very few non-native people have ever experienced one. Not having a video camera, I hope that the following two shots of a Prairie Chicken Dancer will give you some idea of the movement.

Kitokipaaskaan ― The Prairie Chicken Dance

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