Thursday, 6 February 2014

The missing image

Black -- the absence of all light
Gonzo Alert!
Welcome to the Museum of Unenlightenment! For many decades, the bulk of our collections has been maintained in cabinets behind locked doors. Unfortunately, our charter insists that we have some things on public display, but we try to lessen this sad state of affairs by forbidding the use of cameras and any sketching or painting inside the museum. Although we do not emphasize the fact (unenlightenment must be total, after all), we are also proud  that no scientific testing has been applied to any of the objects in our care. You will find no XRF analyses, for example, as it has been noted that much information can come from such testing. We also work very hard to ensure that any very important object is not even mentioned on our web site. We do have to mention and illustrate a few things, however -- we do want people coming through the doors as, without them, our funding might be lowered or even eliminated altogether. We do make sure that any such images are small and lack any important detail and of course these images must not be downloaded and reproduced for any reasons whatsoever.

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