Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Chased line reconstruction of British Celtic strap-junction -- 2

This is the second reconstruction of the chased line decoration on the rings of the previously catalogued British Celtic strap junction.

In the diagram to the right, the red represents the original glass or enamel; the black is the chased line ornament; and the green is the outline of the object. As each example is slightly different in its exact proportions, it is an approximation of the remains of the design recovered from each of the two rings of the strap junction. As the outer edge of each ring steeply curves to the back surface, the chased lines "fall off" the object at the back and are not completely visible.

Strap junction with leaf-pairs from Arundel Park
© Trustees of the British Museum
Another example of Type 1 (R. J. Taylor and J. W. Brailsford, British Iron Age Strap Unions, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 51, 1985, No 1 (Arundel Park, Sussex) is described as "characteristic" and has a single leaf-pair on the outer side of each ring.

Only one of the leaf-pairs was very clear on the strap junction and it is a very small detail. It is interesting that the same position was picked for the same detail on the rings on the Arundel Park example.

The last task remaining on this project is to get all of the proportions more accurate and to produce a reconstruction of the entire strap junction showing all of the reconstructed decoration.

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