Monday, 9 December 2013

Chased line reconstruction of British Celtic strap-junction -- 1

This is the first reconstruction of the chased line decoration on the trumpet shapes of the previously catalogued British Celtic strap junction. I am still working on the decoration on the rings of this same strap junction.

In the diagram to the right, the red represents the original glass or enamel; the black is the chased line ornament; the green is the outline of the object and the solid green is the trumpet mouth. As each example is slightly different in its exact proportions, it is an approximation of the remains of the design recovered from each of the four trumpet shapes of the strap junction.

Although the exact design appears to be unique, the various design elements making up the complete design are mostly fairly common on other objects. Most unusual are the elongated comma-shaped "lobes" or "ears" on either side of the enamel disc -- this design is seen more often in earlier continental Rhineland work. The undulating line at the base is very common on British work and can be seen on the Battersea Shield.

The cusps revealed above each end of the undulating line are only apparent -- the curved back being represented by only the outline of the object.

The inner circle around the red enamel is a narrow bezel raised from the edges of the drilled hole. Very little of it remains; the outer circle shares some of its lines with the inside edges of the lobes. It would have served as a "faux wide bezel" for the enamel.

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