Friday, 29 July 2016

The "cultural heritage" group neurosis 6: synchronicity and the psychophysical world

Diagram from 17th century 'Chymical Wedding'
"This book is about a meeting of minds in the mid 20th century that was unique in the history of science and philosophy: the encounter of Wolfgang Pauli, one of the architects of modern quantum theory, with Carl Gustav Jung, pioneer of analytical depth psychology. Their common interest was anchored in their search for a worldview better adapted to the extended body of scientific knowledge than what philosophers had offered so far. Their joint target was the “psychophysical problem”: How is the interface between the physical and the mental to be understood, and on which idea of reality can it be grounded?"
The Pauli-Jung Conjecture and its Impact Today. Eds. Harald Atmanspacher and Christopher A. Fuchs, Exeter, 2014, Introduction.

Today's video is a discussion on Synchronicity on the Spectrum of Mind and Matter. Essential for understanding pre 17th century as well as 21st century culture as applied to quantum mechanics and the interdisciplinary approach to "cultural heritage". There are some real "giants" speaking here.

There is a bumper berry crop in the mountains near me and quite the concentration of bears, so I'm heading that way with my camera (and a friend, my coyote hybrid, and bear spray) today. There have been two grizzly bear attacks, one of them where I'm going so for any locals also heading to Canmore/Kananaskis, have a safe weekend, don't go alone, keep out of closed areas and don't forget the bear spray. Keep away from the berries and do not walk close to the banks of creeks and lakes. I'll be back (hopefully) on Monday with more in this series.

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