Thursday, 21 April 2016

projected cover layout for War in an age of innocence

Link to Chapter 1

Cover photograph adapted from Skara Brae-passages by Danielhbordeleau. 

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  1. In the time it took Nathan and I to set up the soaker hose in the side flowerbed. He had fun getting me wet. You posted the cover. WOW!! John, it is beautiful!!! As I read the first chapter I thought about this archaeology site. It is a perfect choice.

    1. Thanks, Tannis! Yes, that is the site that inspired Kiri's village. I got inspiration from a number of places including places in Alberta and British Columbia (for the landscape, of course, not any archaeological remains!). I will mention those that appear in the preview in the comments. All of them are places that I have experienced, myself. You might know some of them.

  2. I hope others feel the same about your choice.
    Busy tidying the spare room because next week the aluminium wiring will be worked on to change all the plug ins and light fixer attachments. They will be replaced with special connectors. Also, they will be changing the fuse panel. Hopefully the insurance company will accept the changes.
    Thank goodness most of the basement was wired with copper because I wouldn't know where to begin to move things around.
    Can't wait to know the other landscape locations you used as inspiration for the book.

    1. My knowledge of home improvement is limited to phoning maintenance if something stops working. Along similar mechanical lines, I think that when I was writing the book in Microsoft Word, at chapter five I started using indent instead of tabs for the start of paragraphs. Kindle advises this is the way to go for their devices and tabs do not work. As they didn't work in html, I just changed the style and didn't use indented paragraphs.

      I just finished tomorrow's entry and noticed that the indent works perfectly fine in html so I decided to leave it that format. For the ebook I am going to have to decide on one or the other and change it where it is needed. Which format looks best on your tablet?

      The missing book continues to annoy: I sent a complaint to the seller many hours ago and although acknowledged by Amazon with an emailed copy of the form, the third party seller has not responded. By the end of tomorrow I can launch a demand for action and Amazon will comply. Probably a refund.

      The book will cost me more on Abebooks and fast shipping is more expensive than what I paid for the book in the first place. It does not exist online and is in neither the Calgary Public library nor the University of Calgary library. The publisher is the same company as the third party seller, bit I do not want to deal with them at all, anymore. Hopefully, the book will find its way to me tomorrow and all of this will be moot.

      All this after getting really tired out from my cover design work today (creativity can burn more calories than physical labour). I ended up sleeping for a while.

      Did you watch "elimination dance"?

    2. Of course, you won't see the new format until tomorrow, so you can let me know then!

  3. I will let you know how the format looks tomorrow. You are certainly frustrated about the missing book. Annoy describes it in its fullest terms. While you were sleeping I was moving a heavy night table and vacuuming the bedrooms, living room and dining room. My back was hurting so I took a few breaks and was able to complete the task. Now I waiting me for my grandsons to arrive. They are staying tonight and all day tomorrow, as their mom is off to Canmore for a knitting retreat for the weekend. I haven't a clue how to knit. Luckily their father will pick them after work.
    If you could hear me talking to my iPad, the blessed thing has a mind of it own some days.
    Sometimes, I have a nap once in awhile and I certain enjoy it. My mother's family were known for their ability to nap, you could talking to one of them and damn they would sound asleep. All this talk about napping is making me tired but going to bed will not happen until the boys are settled.
    I may not be able to blog you tonight so I will wish you a good night now.

    1. That sort of work awaits me for this weekend. I have found another seller through Google books for Marie-Louise von Franz, The problem of the Puer Aeternus, and it is only about $22 and says 7 working days shipping in Canada so I've bookmarked the page pending whatever happens with the other seller. There are only two libraries in Canada that have it: York University and the National Archives!

      Just spoke to Jasmin but she's going to Abbotsford BC on Saturday for a work related trip and Sunday will be too busy as a result. Next weekend looks problematical, too, with two of Nigel's relatives coming to town. So far, the seafood buffet is still on, though. More time for my spring cleaning this weekend. Goody. :-(

      Have a good night!