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Dean Crawford — Living among the Dobunni: Karl Jackson and his Eisu gold staters

The three Dobunni gold staters of Eisu
photo: Dean Crawford
"These three Dobunni staters were found by my colleague and best
friend Karl Jackson, on a large Roman settlement in South
Worcestershire. All three coins were found close to the surface; two were found nearly a hundred yards apart and one coin from a different field entirely, albeit within throwing distance of one of the other coins. These were recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS), although I cannot find them in their database!

Dean's associated finds from the site: found over
twenty years and in three fields.
photo: Dean Crawford
"Associated finds were 1st century AD Roman, with evidence of later 3rd-4th century occupation further to the south. Some Roman Republican denarii, quite worn, were also found over the twenty years. Karl had searched this site — we always find worn Roman Republic coins with our Celtic coins and usually 1st century denarii.  As usual, all these coins were found near the surface in the plough soil.

"This area of South Worcestershire is where I met Karl, a dedicated detectorist and loyal friend. We had many a day out and weekends away on our searches.

"Karl was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away in October 2013. He is now back in his favourite spot as I scattered his ashes there, as was his wish.

"We chatted often about our Dobunni coins, great finds, great moments and memories. So here are Karl's three Dobunni Eisu gold Staters.

"What I have learned living and detecting in the area of the Dobunni is that certain types of these coins tend to be found more in particular areas; I have seen that Bodvoc and Corio seem to be found more central and quite widespread, Anted central and further south, Eisu central and further north, Catti to the west. In fact, I have seen hundreds of Dobunni coins found and not one inscribed coin of Catti was found east of the river Severn, although I believe that they have been found in this area.

"These coin find spots are only through my personal experience, so are just observations, and I am not sure whether they conflict with any detailed analysis and present knowledge on the subject.

"As for their dating, Eisu seems to be latest. These coins are often found with coins of Nero, Vitellius and even Vespasian. The later they are, the more debased they become. Again, just observations, based on my own experience and that of others, when considering the associated finds, and lack of earlier and later finds to suggest otherwise."

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