Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Fates

The Fates
Have not been kind to me over the last couple of days. Not only have I been unusually busy (including defending Celtic studies from a Celtoskeptic attack), but the air pollution here has been awful with smoke from wildfires blocking the sky and sun (one person actually saw a sunspot with the naked eye). Then, the night before last, I was feeling ill and a few hours later, came to the very dramatic realization that I had food poisoning. It might have been some commercial creamy coleslaw I bought and neglected to check its date. I threw it out, but now I am suspicious of everything else in my fridge that I sampled that day. So the following day I was not at my best, either. Now I have to get some more food, which will take me out in all the smoke again.

With all of this, I had something in mind for today's blog, but I have covered most of it before, and my new ideas need a different twist to frame them. That might take considerable thought so I'm shelving it for the time being. I was also going to start a piece on Palaeolithic art next, so I am moving that up to tomorrow, and if the smoke does not get me, I should have a couple of free hours to prepare myself for that.


  1. Oh dear I appear to be that "Celtoskeptic".

    I've said worse myself so I won't take it personally, however it that really is your view, I would rather stick to serious archaeology and not waste time on the celtic myth.

  2. Don't worry Mike, this was tongue in cheek stuff.

    I was just about to reply to your most recent post when I got notification of your message here. I'll do that right away.



  3. Coleslaw is very easy to make, just a matter of chopping and grating. Hope you are feeling better ;)

    1. Thanks, Thelma, Yes, I am feeling normal again. That sort of thing can sure lessen the desire to just pick up something processed, instead of preparing a meal at home from fresh ingredients --- much more so than by just reading the ingredients on the package ;-)

  4. Sorry to hear your tangle with the Fates did not end well...maybe offer them up a sandwich made from the same "delicious", food poisoning is almost worse than surgery in my book! Our weather here in Central Florida has reached the 114 - degree mark a few times this month, making metal detecting almost a torture; a friend almost passed out a few days ago recovering a Seminole Indian War musket ball, and even the alligators are getting a bit testy. Hope you feel better well!

  5. Thanks, James, and I hear you. In 1979 I ate a 7-11 sandwich and got food poisoning. I have never eaten another one to this day. I was ill from the afternoon to late at night, but the next day just tired and dehydrated. I drank a couple of liters of coconut water, and was back to normal by the evening.

    That heat wave must have been horrible, especially with the humidity. I spent the entire summer of '69 in Los Angeles. It was up about 105 most days and "plummeted" to about 75 at night. I quickly became a night person. The pollution was bad too, in the valley, and there was most often barely even a breeze for relief. Not so bad up around Griffith Park observatory,though.