Monday, 24 August 2015

British Museum Celtic show video

I am spreading myself a little too thinly today, so instead of a longer post, here is a great video from the British Museum. One of the presenters is one of my favorite scholars of the subject: Fraser Hunter from the National Museum of Scotland, and the show will next move to his museum.

If you watch it on YouTube, check out the British Museum playlist for more.


  1. the craftsmanship in those gold torques is amazing,simply amazing.a modern jeweller would have trouble recreating such a masterpiece.who said the celts were barbarians.thanks for sharing john.

  2. Hi Kyri,

    Their metalwork can be masterful. I remember one art critic claiming that the Battersea shield is the finest example of ancient metalwork in the world.

    The only time that I returned to England (1999) that gallery at the BM was closed for renovations or something, so I went to the National Gallery and saw my favorite Van Gogh, instead. Of course, before I left England, I was mainly interested in the Greek. However, that interest has also served me well in Celtic art as the Greeks inspired the emergence of the Celt's art.