Friday, 10 July 2015

Celts: Art and Identity at the British Museum

The Daily Mail has an interesting article with a slide show and videos about the upcoming exhibition: Celts: Art and Identity. It starts in September at the British Museum, but in March it will open in Edinburgh.

Will it prompt a new fad for everything Celtic? Collectors always face a Catch 22: whenever anything collectible becomes popular, its financial value increases. The collector's holdings become more valuable which is always pleasing to the collector, that is, until they go to buy the next item for the collection. If the exhibit is exceptionally popular and the Celtic fad becomes big enough, then can we expect it to be followed by a lot of Celtic fakes appearing on the market? Apart from the coinage, fakes of early Celtic art are so rare that I cannot even remember seeing one. What is common now, though, is that all sorts of non-Celtic artifacts are sold as Celtic. Caveat emptor, and buy the books before the antiquities.

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