Friday, 17 July 2015

Before I head off

This might be the last posting for about a week to ten days as Monte and I are off to the Upper Fraser River in British Columbia next week to find (or create) a route to his property there. If we drive into Prince George some time I can find a Wifi hot spot where I can try out my tablet's Blogger app. Other than that, I will have only satellite GPS, messaging and emergency beacon.

I was pleased, this morning, to hear from John Germain on Britarch, that the Bulletins of the Societé Jersiase are now open access, so now, so is my very first publication (1993):

(page 113-115 and about the first Le Catillon hoard).

For some reason, my digital camera's output to my computer has stopped working so I have to buy a card reader for it today or I will be stuck using my tablet's camera. I also have to get a blue tooth speaker with more oomph than what I have right now, which would not scare off a ground squirrel, let alone a bear. I also have to move my collection and other valuables to a friend's safe before I go, get some fishing tackle, get groceries and bake some pasties for the trip.

I might not be able to publish any blog comments past early next week and until I return, so be patient. There are still no wildfires between where we are going and the coast from where the prevailing winds blow, so the air quality should be good. Wish us luck!


  1. Well good luck, don't get lost and look after Tristan as well. Sure the bears will try and behave just don't take any honey!

    1. Thanks Thelma,We cannot get lost unless my satellite GPS system also gets lost. We should be making enough noise to keep the bears away, but will have bear spray and noise makers just in case. Moose are another problem: hitting one with a car can easily be fatal for people in the car as well as the moose, but a moose can attack if surprised. They use their hooves rather than their antlers. Tristan will be on-leash in all backwoods areas. I joked with Monte about bringing honey and blueberries.