Thursday, 11 June 2015

Got milk?

photo: Stefan Kühn
Today's post is a short one as it is going to get rather hot today so Tristan's visit to the dog park will be early this morning. As a follow up to yesterday's post "Well-travelled ancients", Denmark is making more genetic discoveries. This one is revealing that lactose tolerance in northern Europe is much later than was originally thought and it also confirms that our ancestors were, indeed, well-travelled.

All that I am waiting for now is for British archaeologists to reveal the nature of the secret force field that somehow kept the Celts from entering Britain while it appears that they and many other people were moving all over the neighbourhood.

Nebra Sky Disc
photo: Dbachmann

The article also refers to the Nebra Sky Disc which contains British tin. The trade agreements over this metal would have set up relationships which would have lasted a very long time and such trading concerns would also have impacted on the patterns of fosterage and distant marriages. Everything is connected.

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