Friday, 5 June 2015

Early Celtic bracelet fragment

Early Celtic bronze bracelet fragment, continental, late 4th-3rd cent. BC, 64 mm.
Time for another piece from my collection. This time it is an unprovenanced continental
Celtic bracelet fragment retaining the female side of the "clasp". The other side is about the same.

It is unusual in that each "bead" part of the cast design is flattened on the front, back and sides which makes the "clasp" opening an oval with straight sides. It appears to have been modified after casting as the ring edging the interior side of the clasp is slightly flattened on the top and bottom. Also, most bracelets of the general type are not fully "in the round" like this one on the interior edge that would be in contact with the skin. Instead, their interiors are somewhat flat.

The closest parallel is Jacobsthal 247 from Waldalgesheim (late 4th century BC) which has bas-relief decorated "beads".

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