Friday, 26 June 2015


Frying up some grub at camp, 1905
I am being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. In the past, I thought that a sophisticated camp site would look something like the photo on the right. My favorite camp site always consisted of a fire that was not too far from two trees where I could set up my string hammock. I would get into the sleeping bag first, and then get in the hammock (it requires a little practice). If there was any chance of rain, I would rig up a plastic sheet on a line above the hammock that was drawn back so I could see the stars when it was clear, and quickly pull it over me if it started to rain. I really don't like tents.

After buying the Delorme inReach Explorer, I finally decided to get a tablet to go along with it. The apps on my tablet can communicate with the GPS/ emergency beacon with Bluetooth, and it doesn't matter if I'm out of WiFi range as long as I have downloaded any apps, maps, etc. first. Monte has suggested setting up an expedition Facebook page so friends and relatives can track our progress. We will have, anyway, a Delorme MapShare page where our routes will be automatically recorded:

For anything that requires WiFi, a drive into Prince George will probably be required. The two way messaging is limited to 160 characters. OMG! am I being primed for Twitter too? Tell me it is not so.

After picking a tablet that seemed appropriate, and sending the link to my daughter, my son in law found a much much better one on sale for not much more. It also is loaded with some useful apps like Google Maps, and even a "turn by turn" GPS app for the car journey. My browser did not like their web site and the "order button" never loaded so my daughter ordered it and might even pick it up from the store instead of getting it shipped. Have a great weekend, I will be learning how to operate my new gizmo.

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