Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Boudicca and Birdlip?

Birdlip Mirror
There is quite a lot of attention being given to a hypothesis that the person who is buried with the Birdlip Mirror is Boudicca of the Iceni. While not completely out of the question, the connection between the Dobunni and the Iceni does not depend on either any connections with Boudicca specifically, or that the amber in the grave might link her to that burial. I think that the Jurassic Way was a well-used route between Dobunnic and Iceni territories. It was a route that was not only convenient for chariot travel, but avoided much contact with the Belgic tribes of the southeast.

Still, a closer look at the human remains in the three graves discovered at Birdlip woudn't hurt, would it?

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