Thursday, 5 March 2015

Unique find from Gloucestshire

Imaginative reconstruction
of the original Boudicca.
A second century AD Roman tombstone found in Gloucestershire by Cotswold Archaeology is a unique find in that not only does it bear the Celtic name of a woman, but skeletal remains found close by are thought to be of the lady, herself. Her name, previously unattested in this form, is written as BODICACIA which might be a variation of the name of Boudicca, the famous queen of the Iceni. The element Bod... means "crow" and also refers to a war deity (crows being carrion-eaters and classically associated with the battleground).

Another theory is that there are two names: the male, Bodi, and the female Cacia, but I personally believe it is only the female who is named (with her age of 27 years).

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