Thursday, 12 February 2015

Odd socks

photo: SeppVei
It's time to buy socks again. Almost every day another of my socks gains a hole and gets thrown out but I never end up with odd socks. A few years ago I decided that I really only ever need black or white cotton socks. I have no need for Argyll, or bright colours and, like most men, I prefer not to wear socks that appear to have an identity crisis: toe socks who seem to wish they were gloves, or socks posing as stuffed animals. Anything cute or unusual in fact. I want people to say "Here comes John", not "Here comes John's socks".

So I began to buy socks in bulk. It is not only much cheaper but on laundry days I never have to ponder that mystery of what happens to socks that seem to vanish in the wash. One comedian speculated that socks vanish into a black hole only to reappear later from some white hole as clothes hangers. Nor do I have to waste any time in matching socks that come out of the dryer. I don't even have to bundle or fold them in pairs, they all get unceremoniously dumped in the sock drawer loose and I just pick two singles.

I also believe in recycling or reusing and I will always have a few holed socks that serve nicely whenever I polish my shoes. Life holds far more interesting mysteries than "Whatever happened to that other sock?


  1. Hi John, My younger daughter always wears odd socks! She even buys packs of single socks - yes you can buy them! She is well known for her odd socks (and brilliant mind). My son (also brilliant mind) now does the same, yet I have an ever-increasing pile of odd socks (my mind just plods along). I'm sure there is a connection with brilliant minds and eccentricity, I wonder if I wore odd socks ... I do like the idea of using them to polish shoes. Trefor (The advent of Jersey coins coming to Cranfield is close!!!)

  2. Hi Trefor,

    I find it odd that in a pack of 24 identical black socks, the socks are folded in pairs. Why not sell packs of 25?

    Good news about the coins -- I'm hoping for randomly selected staters each with their recorded position within the hoard.