Monday, 26 January 2015


Food poisoning
Chinese Ming dynasty woodcut
I'm not really up to continuing with my current series today as I was struck with food poisoning yesterday, and while I have recovered from that I consumed nothing but coconut water and a little ginger ale for 24 hours and writing burns a lot of calories that I don't have to spare. So today I plan to do nothing but rest and regain my strength. My coyote hybrid who never eats when I am not home, decided to ignore his food while I was sick, too.  I was able to have a simple plain omelette for breakfast this morning and he did share a bit of that. I will be back with the series tomorrow.


  1. Hope you recover soon, fascinated by the latest 'Beyond the Fringe Archaeology' blogs. Tristan is a faithful dog, fancy not eating ;)...

    1. Thanks, Thelma, I'm feeling back to normal today. It worries me that Tristan did not eat that day. He will often wait for me to make a meal before he eats his own because I will always give him a small sample (of dog-suitable foods). His regular dog food is well-balanced and even contains salmon, fruit and vegetables, but not corn and wheat. But it is still highly processed food. (hospital food is supposed to be nutritious too!).

      Perhaps I will start to get friends to give Tristan food at different times so that having friends look after him or getting him boarded is an option for emergencies.