Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pedigreed "Abrincatui" stater on Triton sale

A very rare type Xn (formerly Abrincatui) Armorican billon stater is listed in the January, 2015 Triton Auction in New York.
Series Xn coins have a wild set of die links and this very early obverse is paired with a reverse die by another hand and probably about a year later. It is most likely the finest example of its type known.


  1. Hi John:

    The Gnome of Warsaw is at it again....

    "Now, through another piece of numismaniacal spot-the-difference picture-matching he has publickly queried..." is how he alludes to your piece above.

    However, while the Gnome who lampoons the errors of those he perceives as lesser folk seems anxious to have readers spotting differences, I have one of my own: What's the difference between 'publickly' and 'publicly'? I do hope this is not a sample of the state education system.

    Whatever one thinks of our little friend, he's always good for a laugh.

    Warm regards

    John Howland

  2. The Gnome has corrected his abysmal spelling.

    John Howland