Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fleadom of the press

I make it a point to avoid coming into contact with the news media in all of its forms unless I am looking for something in particular. But, inevitably, someone tells me something or I inadvertently catch a snippet of news while I'm turning on the TV for the dog.

Just about every blogger who does not like people collecting antiquities and coins is linking to news reports where the police are confiscating objects that are either "priceless", or "valued at... (some thousands). Whenever you actually get to see what they are talking about,  it turns out to be worthless fakes or bits and pieces valued at $287.50. From the commentaries, I understand that it is only the reports where things are pictured that are ever labelled as false, though I don't really understand what the point of not illustrating authentic reports would be. Either all news reporters are phenomenally unlucky, or a very high percentage of reports of looting or smuggling are equally spurious.

Of course, all of these objects are said to be "archaeologically important". Again, why are the only archaeologically important objects being taken from the sites by people who know nothing about them, while the archaeologists, who are supposed to know about this stuff are hardly finding anything important at all?

Then, when important discoveries are made, why does the press then report, "Experts say..." and proceed to give a completely daft explanation?

I named my domain writer2001, back in '97 to reflect, not the movie "2001 a space... ", but because 2001 would be the first year of the new millennium. I wanted it to sound forward-looking.

I really try to avoid the news, it upsets me when I see suffering, evil, and declining intelligence.


  1. John, some few people spend their entire lives trying to hurt others, and in this case it's to destroy someone's passion and.or enjoyment. Couldn't tell you why but I suspect it has to do with some deep seated physiological problem and/or obsession. I pity them....

  2. I suppose everyone wants to leave a mark, Dick, -- even if it is only a stain.

  3. Hi John, So your dog watches TV? I think that every archaeology discovery is the 'most exciting find ever', well at least in its field. This of course is to garner news coverage, academic success and an eventual book publication. Ploughing through news has taught me that! As for those ready to pull others to pieces in some moral righteous tone of their own making, pity them for their blinkered view of the world..........

  4. Hi Thelma, Tristan especially likes to see dogs on TV or the computer monitor. He actually copied some behavior from a distressed wild coyote he saw on one video. He watches other things, too, If I have to leave for a few hours, I'll turn on the TV for him. Sometimes its just the sound of voices that seems to comfort him. On the other matters, today's blog post brings some good news about changing attitudes - finally!