Friday, 10 October 2014

A Celtic corvid ― part two

Image courtesy  of Classical Numismatic Group Inc
In Greece, Isis became associated with Demeter and Aphrodite. The coin on the right is from Perinthos in Thrace dating from the mid 3rd to the early 2nd centuries BC and shows the jugate busts of Serapis and Isis. The coin below is from the same city during the first century AD and has the headdress of Isis on the reverse. The subject of the Gundestrup cauldron plate I showed yesterday is Demeter's discovery of Persephone in Hades and how the dead will live again just as life returns to the earth in the spring .

Image courtesy  of Classical Numismatic Group Inc
Livy is well-known for inventing all sorts of stories about Roman heroism in his history, but perhaps the strangest story of all is how a crow came to help a Roman champion  fight a Celtic warrior. You can read the story in one of my earlier posts.

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