Friday, 26 September 2014

Calgary tree damage

The morning after Calgary's big snowstorm, I commented that it might take a couple of days to clear away the broken tree limbs. Well, I'm nothing if not optimistic! Let's change days to months. The damage to the trees was extreme, and as of this morning the city has delivered 10,000 tonnes of tree material to landfills for mulching.

Here' s a few photographs I took this morning:

This small mountain ash lost two of it's three main limbs
Yellow tape surrounds two limbs barely
still attached to the trunk

Coydog Tristan helping with the cleanup

Red tape around the trunks of these stately old trees warn passers-by of broken limbs above

Escaped! I saw no damage at all to these young burr oaks. I know of only four or five
mature oaks in Calgary and I don't know how they fared, but again, I'm optimistic

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