Monday, 7 April 2014

Digital Jung

C.G. Jung-Institut Zürich
photo: Parpan05
The Princeton University Press Blog has today announced the publication of the ebook version of The Collected Works of C. G. Jung.

As the post explains, its sale is restricted in a number of countries (including the U.K.) -- the same restrictions being in place for the print version. Happily for me, these restrictions do not apply to Canada.

While its $499 price tag might dissuade those who think of ebooks being in the $5 - $ 10 range, it is far cheaper than buying the print version.

I have been collecting works by Jung but unless one restricts such purchases to the Princeton University Press editions, some duplication occurs whenever a selection of his papers is published. One of the advantages to having a digital edition is being able to perform text searches throughout all of the volumes. It is also possible (through various methods) to copy and paste. As I like to quote Jung often in my own writing, this is definitely a bonus. However, certain restrictions might be in place for just how much you can copy, so check this feature for the available devices.

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