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An example of transdisciplinarity: expert systems and evolutionary cladistics 4.Introducing transdisciplinarity

The double-slit experiment showed that when single
photons were fired through either slit, an interference
pattern accumulated on the back screen consistent
with wave activity. Wikimedia Commons image

Transdisciplinarity makes the claim that multiple realities exist. One of the demonstrations of this is the double slit experiment where light can be seen both as a wave and as individual particles. This appears to violate the law of logic which states that A cannot be both A and not A at the same time and in the same sense.  In other words, light is, and is not, a wave. also, light is and is not a particle.

A good overview of transdisciplinarity is by Manfred A. Max-Neef, and Basarab Nicolescu describes its methodology in this paper. The logic problem is resolved by Nicolescu in:

Manifesto of Transdisciplinarity (Suny Series in Western Esoteric Traditions) in which he says:

"The logic of the included middle is capable of describing the coherence among these levels of Reality by an iterative process defined by the following stages: (1) A pair of contradictories (A, non-A) situated at a certain level of Reality is unified by a T-state situated at a contiguous level of Reality; (2) in turn, this T-state is linked to a couple of contradictories (A¹, Non-A¹), situated at its own level; (3) the pair of contradictories (A¹, non A¹) is, in its turn, unified by a T' state situated at a third level of Reality, immediately contiguous to that where the ternary (A¹, non-A¹, T) is found. The iterative process continues idefinately until all the levels of Reality, known or conceivable, are exhausted."
You will recall that Wolfgang Pauli predicted that such a T-state must exist because of the problems with the numbers in random mutations. After him epigenetics revealed, along with many other things, that the formerly-called "junk DNA" contained switches to turn off and on certain genes or sets of genes.

As I have given you rather a lot to digest here, you will have the weekend to assimilate all of this and on Monday I will connect the reality of genetic switches with the reality of my expert system structure and its genetic and evolutionary equivalents.

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