Monday, 30 September 2013

Salvador Dali Bicycle -- found art

The curves in the frame add to the composition
photo courtesy of  Robert Kokotailo
I saw this bicycle, some time ago, near a friend's shop. Forgetting my camera several times when visiting him, Robert finally sent me a photo.

Of course, the bicycle evokes Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory  which depicts melting pocket watches. Rather ironic that I kept forgetting my camera.

It seems fairly certain that this is a result of vandalism and not artistic expression but it is the sort of image one just has to share. Apparently, quite a number of people have thought the same about their discoveries of similar bicycles, but have not realized that they were not alone. What about the perpetrators of such events, though? How many of them  knew they were evoking Dali? Is it all happenstance or an underground art movement?

I also had to wonder if, by bringing attention to the other examples, I was risking the possibility of more  such events. Hopefully not -- I can't imagine that the readers of this blog would go for such a thing. Although very amusing for spectators who realize the connection, it would not be amusing to the owners of the bicycles -- even if they saw the connection.

Today's entry is short because it is my birthday -- the length of tomorrow's entry really depends on how today unfolds...


  1. i dont understand "modern art" and by that i mean stuffed cows by hirst or unmade beds by tracy eimen,guess im just a traditionalist,give me an ancient greek vase or a theodoros manolides painting any day of the week.
    ps,happy birthday john,dont drink to much.

  2. Thanks Kyri -- I will try to behave myself.

    It is the meat dress that got to me:

    although when I saw it, it was on a manikin. With such exhibits its probably best to show up on the first day and not to wait until the end of the show. Aged steak is one thing but...

  3. Just catching up with your blog - how timely! Happy Birthday - Jenny Pellett