Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The seal of Alexander the Great -- part two

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Ancient Greece

Alexander III (The Great) 336-323 BC

Pb uniface seal, 18 mm, 10.1 g. circa 331- 305 BC

ALEXAN/DROU Lion advancing right on ground line.

Die engraver: Pyrgoteles

No find spot was recorded.

All of the evidence for this attribution will be covered in subsequent posts. This will include the epigraphy, iconography, style, history and legends. The dating of the seal given here starts with Alexander's arrival at Babylon, and ends with Kassander assuming the title of King in Macedonia. Prior to 305 BC, the coins are all in the name of Alexander, and it is safe to assume that this would also be true for official seals. Seals such as this were used for international correspondence by officials in the Alexandrine Empire

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